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Dream Series

Book 2 of my Dream Series has just gone live! It’s a passionate romantic suspense thriller where dreams become hot reality. Book 1 is free! Awakening a Dream – a Dreamscape Romantic Suspense Short Story

dream short story series

Book 2 of my dream short story series is now ready for betareaders! Would you like to take a look? Let me know! I can send MOBI, EPUB, and PDF. That means all the shorter series are now caught up and I can tackle the climactic battle of Cozumel Nights :).

Within a Dream

99 cents! Within a Dream – Passionate Romantic Suspense Thriller where dreams become hot reality

Within a Dream

I’ve finally finished book 1 of my new Within a Dream! It’ll be free on all platforms soon. This was a complicated one to write so I’d love some feedback and suggestions on it. I’m definitely willing to tweak it some more to help it be understandable. And yes I’m working on the next Cozumel…

Within a Dream

I’m working with beta readers on developing a new short story, Within a Dream. Let me know if you’d like to take a look. This is still in the early stages.