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Cozumel Nights – Cancun Betrayal

It’s live! It’s live! Just released! Hot Romance & Lurking Danger in the sultry jungles of Cancun! 🙂 OK that only took me a few months! 🙂

Cozumel 4

One more readthrough in the morning and Cozumel 4 will be posted. Then it’s on to the next StepShifter!

Cozumel 4 DONE

Hurrah!! I know it’s April Fool’s but this is NOT A JOKE. I thought of putting the post off until tomorrow but with the way life has been going I didn’t want to risk it! I was sick nearly 2 months but I finally got Cozumel 4 finished and off to the beta-readers. Thank you…

Mayan Sacrifice

Mayan Sacrifice – book 3 of the Cozumel Nights series – is now live! It’s free if you have KindleUnlimited Mayan Sacrifice  

Cozumel Nights

Cover help needed! Here were books 1 & 2 in the Cozumel Nights series. The name “Cozumel” means “Island of the Swallows.” The characters are on Cozumel in book 3. So do I name that book Swallow Island? Cozumel? Island of the Swallows? If I name it “Cozumel” will it be confusing since the series is already…

Cozumel Nights book 3

Cozumel Nights book 3 is now in the hands of the beta-readers! Hurrah! Wow, this summer has just been SOOO busy. Thank you for your patience! I’ll strive to be quicker with book 4 :). Have you guys read books 1 and 2 yet? Might be time to re-read them, I know that was a…

Writing on the Back Porch

Drinking Martini & Rossi Asti Spumante with frozen peaches while I write on my back porch. What are you guys drinking tonight?

Cozumel Nights 2 – Caribbean Deceptions

It’s live! It’s live! Cozumel Nights 2 – Caribbean Deceptions – is up! 🙂 Share the news! Cozumel Nights 2 – Caribbean Deceptions  

Cozumel 2

I’m finally catching up! Cozumel 2 is loading live into Amazon. I’ll let you know when it’s up! Now to get the next StepShifters out to the beta-readers! What are you guys up to tonight? Reading anything interesting? I think I tore a back muscle or something so I’m trying to stay stationary. Which is…

Cozumel 2

Cozumel 2 is now out in the hands of the beta-readers! It should be live in a few days. Thank you all for your patience while I finished it!