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50 followers on Instagram

I’m celebrating reaching 50 followers on Instagram! Thank you everyone for supporting my new account! To celebrate, here’s a photo of Hugh Jackman, who turned 50 in 2018! It goes to show that mature men definitely have something to offer. What’s your favorite movie with Hugh? I like him as Wolverine.

The Pig of Providence

I know you guys are waiting on book 2 in the New Haven Nights series. I needed to get this short story written for an upcoming compilation series which releases for Christmas. This is set during Christmas in Providence, Rhode Island, Now that it’s done, I’ll go back to finishing book 2 in the New…


For all you WattPad users out there, I just added Black Cat to the Wattpad library. Enjoy! Everyone needs a black cat or two in their lives! 🙂

Memories Lost – New Haven Nights

It’s live! It’s live! Memories Lost, book one in the New Haven Nights series, is up! I’m working on book 2 this week. What are you up to? Keeping warm?

Cozumel Nights

Woo hoo! The full novel for Cozumel Nights is now live on the Kindle side. The paperback side is still processing. I’ll let you know when it’s available. Enjoy your evening!

Cozumel series

I’m currently loading live all the paperback versions of the Cozumel series to catch those up, now that that series is complete. And book 1 of the next series is heading off to the beta-readers! Progress is being made! Here’s a photo of an iguana I saw in Cozumel to celebrate :). Can you see…

Instagram! Instagram!

Instagram! Instagram! Who is on Instagram? I finally got my new page up there – if you follow me I’ll follow you back! What are you up to today? Sleeping in?

Black Cat is live!

Progress is being made! Black Cat is live! Next up, I’ll create the compilation book for the Cozumel series so it’s available all in one package. I’ll let you know when that’s done. What are you guys up to today?

Black Cat short story series

Happy Black Friday, everyone! Now that the Cozumel series is complete, I’m loading book one in my Black Cat short story series live. I wanted to wait on all other stories until I got Cozumel done, to motivate myself. So it’s now Black Cat Black Friday day! I’ll let you know when it goes live!…

The final book in the Cozumel Nights series is live!

It’s live! It’s live! The final book in the Cozumel Nights series is live! :). Happy Thanksgiving, everyone!