Animal Crackers / Black Cat

I want to thank everyone who has been so patient with me during my writing hiatus. A number of different things all bundled together to cause issues for me every time I tried to get back into a writing routine. I am finally getting my life organized that I can try to carve out some…

StepShifter 35

I finally polished up StepShifter 35 enough that I’m releasing :). What can I say – I care about these characters! It will be live shortly! In the meantime I am absolutely MELTING in this heat. Are you guys cool where you are?

MerGirl book 3

Progress! I just sent MerGirl book 3 to the beta-readers. I’m still settling on a title for this one. I have one I like but I don’t want to have it give away a story line detail. So I’m torn. I’m working my way up to tackling the last climactic book in the Cozumel series….

StepShifter 35

I know I’ve been busy with other things for a while. But StepShifter 35 is finally close to release! :). The beta-readers had made some suggestions and it took me a while to get to them. We’ll see what they say this time – and then forward we go! I hope you had a lovely…

Happy Winter Solstice!

Happy Winter Solstice! The FREE 2016 winter issue of Mused is now live! A few of my photographs are in this issue. The issue features short stories, poetry, photography, painting, essays, and more! Share the news!

Massachusetts Calling

Just Released! Massachusetts Calling. Fifteen local authors share short stories, poetry, memoirs, histories, and more! All proceeds benefit local charities. I’m included in this compilation. Please spread the word! Massachusetts Calling on Amazon

StepShifter book 35

StepShifter book 35 is finally going out to the beta-reading team! Hurrah! Lots of fun with ShapeShifting Stepbrothers :). What are you guys up to tonight? Drinking anything tasty?


I know you guys have been so patient with me. Life keeps throwing me for a loop. Somehow I have to carve out time anyway and get my next books done. I will do my best. I hope you guys are having a great week!

I’m now on Wattpad!

I’m now on Wattpad! Wattpad is a free online library system full of great stories. If you’re on Wattpad let me know so I can follow you!

Dream Series

Book 2 of my Dream Series has just gone live! It’s a passionate romantic suspense thriller where dreams become hot reality. Book 1 is free! Awakening a Dream – a Dreamscape Romantic Suspense Short Story